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Tile and Flooring

Choosing the right floor is the biggest decision after buying your home; whether you are fixing new tiles/floor or remodeling the old one, there are lots of factors to consider like the cost, installation, types, durability and much more.

If you find yourself caught up trying to choose your floor and tile, we have a comprehensive guide that will help you speed up your choice. Don't worry about Tile and Flooring, because Justice Inc. is ready 24/7 to help you install, maintain, or remodel your floor in Corpus Christi, Tx.

Factors to consider when choosing a tile or floor

  • The choice of tiles – homeowners have a choice of natural or manmade floor tile material.
    Natural tiles are great, fits into the ambiance of your home, brings texture and tone to a room.
    Manmade floor tiles come in a variety of tones, designs, and texture.
    • However, natural floor tile is expensive, and are more likely to crack or split, unlike manmade floor tile that is affordable.
    • Natural tiles are granite, marble, limestone, travertine, and slate.
    • Manmade tiles are terra cotta, quartz, cement tile, quarry tiles, porcelain, glass, and ceramics.
  • Location – different room in the house require different tiles. When installing tiles in the bathroom; look for moisture durable tiles that are semi‐porous while tiles in the kitchen have a firmer coarse texture that is waterproof since water is part of the kitchen. Furthermore, floors need more durable tiles as people constantly walk over them.
  • Texture – texture adds friction to a smooth surface while there is nothing like a non‐slip tile, the texture is the added form of security, especially for homeowners with kids and seniors living with them.

Other factors to consider are color, size, and maintenance.

Installing your floor tiles

The next step after buying your flooring is installing it, while most people can DIY their tiles themselves, it always helps to have the professionals do the fitting for you.

  • Professional have the right tools for the job – floor tiles come in different sizes, and we all know that at some point during a fitting, you have to cut a tile to fit into a small space, this can be difficult without the right tools.
  • If you are not fitting tiles, that means you are fitting wood or laminated floor. These floors are not the easiest to fit as they are easily affected by small changes in temperature hence needs to be fixed immediately to avoid them losing their shape and form.
  • Cleaning up – after fitting the tile or floor, it needs to be cleaned to bring out the sheen. This can only be done by a professional to cut cost and ensure all fittings are in the right order.

Choosing the right team

Are you remodeling your floor or installing new ones? If yes, get in touch with Justice INC. today for a quote and an excellent result. Furthermore, we can help you choose the right tiles for each space and suggest brands that work well in each room of your home.