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Justice Incorporated - Service Efficiency Agreement

Service Efficiency Agreement

With this agreement, you are considered a Preferred Client which entitles you to absolute priority service, extended warranties, cash discounts and most importantly: Peace of Mind.

The purpose of this plan is to provide your family with enhanced equipment service and efficiency as well as extend the life of your equipment. Your family will also appreciate knowing that your equipment has been inspected for proper operation.

This agreement entitles you to our multiple homeowner discounts and benefits from our exclusive 19–point precision tune–up and professional inspection.

  1. Inspect thermostats calibration
  2. Inspect blower and fan assembly
  3. Inspect condenser for dirty coils
  4. Inspect for dirty filters
  5. Inspect all moving parts for immobility
  6. Inspect all drive belts and pulleys
  7. Inspect all safety controls/ devices
  8. Inspect all electrical connections and terminals
  9. Inspect dehumidifier, damper, switches and valves
  10. Inspect attic for correct insulation level
  11. Inspect heat exchanger(s), flue assembly and burners
  12. Inspect ductwork in attic
  13. Inspect all main supply drops
  14. Inspect heating or cooling system for proper mobility
  15. Inspect all motors, starting capacitors, run capacitors and potential relays for proper mobility
  16. Inspect temperature and pressures
  17. Inspect evaporator coils for dirt build up when readily accessible
  18. Inspect for gas leak in furnace
  19. Recommendation for better efficiency to clients

Price in tune ups change if work is done. All work will be asked for approval from home owners prior to being done.