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Corpus Christi, TX Ductless Heating

Not all homeowners want to use the same type of heating equipment. With all of the different options available today with which to heat your home, there is no reason that you should have to. Keep in mind, though, that you need the guidance of a skilled, professional technician if you want to ensure that you choose the heater best suited to your particular needs. When you work with the pros at Justice Incorporated you’ll have no doubt about it. Contact us today to learn more. If you are interested in a very efficient and convenient way in which to heat your home (and to cool it with the same equipment) then you should consider the installation of a ductless heating and cooling system in Corpus Christi, TX.

The Corpus Christi, TX ductless heating experts at Justice Incorporated offer quality repair, installation and other services throughout the Corpus Christi area.

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Why Choose a Ductless Split System in Corpus Christi, TX?

To understand why a ductless split system in Corpus Christi, TX is such a great option to consider, you must first understand the way in which these systems are designed and how they operate. Ductless split systems, as you’ve probably figured out, do not require any ductwork in order to distribute heated and cooled air throughout your home. Instead, individual, wall mounted blowers are installed throughout your home. These blowers handle the heating and cooling of different areas in your home directly, eliminating the need for ductwork altogether. This means that you can enjoy whole house heating and cooling even if your home cannot accommodate the bulky ductwork that traditional central HVAC systems require.

Benefits of Ductless Heating and Cooling in Corpus Christi, TX

In addition to allowing homeowners without the room or desire for ductwork to enjoy whole house heating and cooling, ductless systems offer many other benefits. One of the most appealing is the fact that they can help you to protect the air quality within your home. Ducted systems can suffer from a buildup of pollutants within their air ducts. Once those pollutants make their way into the system, that ductwork can spread them throughout the entire house. This can really set back your indoor air quality.

Plus, ductwork is often a leading cause of inefficiency when heating and cooling your home. While air ducts can be quite an effective means of distributing heated and cooled air throughout your house, they can also leak out conditioned air if damaged or poorly sealed. This will result in high heating and cooling costs with less comfort to show for it. Because you don’t need any ductwork with ductless heating and cooling, you won’t have to worry about such issues. Plus, because you can control the individual blowers throughout your home independently of one another, you can enjoy the benefits of zone controlled heating and cooling. This allows everyone in your home to live comfortable while doing away with heated debates about what temperature the thermostat should be set to. Call Justice Incorporated today to learn more about ductless heating in Corpus Christi, TX.