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When it comes to insurance and warranties, you have options!

As an insurance and warranty contractor, Justice Incorporated works with the insurance companies on client’s claims that are appointed to us.

We appreciate working with these companies and appreciate our customers very much. However, being an insurance and warranty contractor also means that we can work with you directly and separately from the insurance companies, which can have a verity of benefits.

Below, please find  information to help you the customer, better understand how things work and to make things easier for everyone, especially during the hot Texas summer months

You may ask, "Why would I want to do work away from my insurance company if that is why I pay them?" Well, the answer is simple.

Listed below are some of the major benefits to handling your insurance or warranty claim through Justice Incorporated:

  • Time saved!!! Easy, less hassle and no waiting games
  • No waiting 30 minutes or longer for a representative
  • No waiting days for approval and authorization
  • No waiting days for equipment to come in if you need equipment replaced
  • No automated systems to deal with
  • Fast, friendly service usually within the same day
  • No third parties to deal with
  • Equipment ordering and replacing done promptly
  • No being transferred from one representative to another
  • Immediate processing to proceed with work to be done
  • No runaround by different people
  • No getting upset over paying high premiums, just to find out that you’re not covered anyway
  • No paying non–covered charges that you thought were covered by paying your insurance premium
  • Fast, friendly, same–day or at your convenience service to get you taken care of right away!!!

The good thing about having insurance

Some equipment and services are covered and actually paid by the insurance company, but without any of the benefits described above. Instead, you’ll be dealing with long hold times, transfers, delays on getting the replacement equipment installed, etc.

Justice Incorporated has fired other insurance companies in the past, because they have failed to provide superior service to customers. Many other insurance companies have also been crooked and have taken advantage of customers. So beware of the insurance carriers out there! Ask a lot of questions and make sure you completely understand how they work, what is covered and what is not. Many HVAC contractors are on a graded system by the insurance companies that pays them based on job cost, so beware!

Our recommendations when it comes to insurance companies:

  • First American Home Providers
  • Cross Country Home Services
  • Old Republic Home Providers

In some cases, you have a cash out option if you’re not happy with the way your insurance is handling your case. With that option, you can hire us, Justice Incorporated to do the work for you in a fast and prompt manner. This does not cause your insurance to terminate in any way. You can ask your insurance carrier for further information or give us a call today!

Along with being one of the top insurance and warranty contractors in Corpus Christi, we also offer air conditioning repair and heating repair throughout the region. To learn more about our AC, heating, or insurance and warranty services, contact us righta way. .